Custom Cat & Dog Vaccinations

At Pennsylvania Veterinary Care, preventive care is a cornerstone of our approach to veterinary medicine. Cats and dogs age faster than we do and are often experts at hiding signs of illness. Their health can change rapidly, so we recommend seeing your pet every year in order to stay on top of any changes. With regular pet exams, we can establish your pet’s baseline health, address any concerns you have, and make adjustments to their wellness plan to keep them in top health.

Which Vaccines Does My Pet Need?

Vaccines are either considered “core” (recommended for all pets) or “noncore” (only recommended based on lifestyle). Core vaccines protect dogs and cats from very serious illnesses, including rabies, which could also infect your human family and is always fatal once symptoms develop. Noncore vaccines, on the other hand, protect your pet from dangers they only encounter if they live a certain lifestyle. To determine which noncore vaccines your pet needs, we’ll look at the following

  • How often they’re boarded
  • If they travel with you, and where
  • Whether they are often in close contact with other cats and dogs
  • If they are mainly indoor or outdoor
  • Overall health
  • Age

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